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Many laboratory experiments are driven by trial and error, which can be very frustrating! We have experienced this frequently in the field of MALDI mass spectrometry imaging. You often have to do an extensive preparation with many potential sources of error before you get your analysis results. Not any more!
We are developing a complete package for a simplified and accelerated MSI preparation – including a matrix deposition device, a suitable matrix, special slides and an integrated calibration system.
Now you can focus on analyzing your data, instead of tediously acquiring it!


What are the properties of MAPS?

The new MAPS matrix is suitable for the visualization of small molecules (< 250 m/z) such as lactate, 2-hydroxyglutarate, and chloride anions. The chemical characteristics of MAPS offer the opportunity for an innovative matrix deposition method with our dipping apparatus.

For a list of measured m/z-values and correlating metabolites see the following link: Measured metabolites

Safty Data Sheet


MAPS matrix: Available now!


Are the slides suitable for MALDI-MSI?

The static charge is dissipated by the indium tin oxide (ITO) or our gold coating. In addition, the slides measure 25 x 75 mm and are transparent. All these properties make them suitable for analysis using mass spectrometry imaging. In addition, you have the option to order the slides with an engraving of an unique code number for simplified sample tracking.

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Immersion Device

MSI-360 impresses with its simplicity.

Our matrix deposition device is immediately ready for use. There is no need for a time consuming preparation before matrix application, e.g. rinsing or changing solvents. When the matrix is placed in the device and the slide is anchored in the carrier, you only have to press a button and the dipping process will be performed automatically. The slide is ready for your MALDI-MSI measurement within approximately 5 minutes (depending on the solvent).

MSI-360: Will be available soon!

Calibration System

What should be calibrated? Which calibration substance is suitable? How should the calibrant be applied?

These are the questions that the user no longer has to deal with in the future. The calibration system is already mounted on each slide. As soon as the tissue has been picked up with the slide, and the matrix is applied, the MSI measurement can be started. The user saves time and can concentrate on analyzing the results.

Calibration system: Under development!

Composition of the Preparation-Kit

  • Slide

    Object slide with ITO or gold coating

  • Calibration System

    Calibrant is already applied to the slide

  • MAPS Matrix

    Novel MAPS matrix detects even small molecules

  • Immersion apparatus MSI-360

    Fast matrix deposition by dipping

  • Preparation-Kit

    Fast, easy and standardized. The all-in-one-preparation-kit facilitates your tissue preparation for the MALDI-MSI analysis.

Preparation-Kit: Not available yet. Still under development. Individual components are already available.

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Who is behind MSI Diagnostics?

The MSI Diagnostics team consists of three graduates of the University/ FH Bielefeld. Thanks to the open-minded professor Dr. Karsten Niehaus and the Biomedical Imaging Group of the University Bielefeld, we were able to pursue our concept and elaborate our founding idea. The idea soon turned out to be very promising. The MSI Diagnostics team received an EXIST-Gründerstipendium (Sep 2017 – Oct 2018), which is a grant from the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In addition we were awarded a membership to the InnovationslaborOWL (Nov 2017 – Oct 2018) and won the first prize of the startklar Businessplanwettbewerb OWL (2018), the WrapUp Event (2018) and the fourth place in the business plan competition for the medical sector (Oct 2019). The Gründerstipendium.NRW makes it possible to facilitate the start into the world of entrepreneurs (Dec 2018 – Nov 2019).

Which tissues have already been analyzed with the matrix MAPS?

Until now, nerve tissue (rat), kidney tissue, liver tissue (mouse), brain tumor tissue (Glioblastoma multiforme), heart tissue, arterial tissue (human) as well as plant tissue (Atropa belladonna) have been successfully measured.

Which molecules can be detected with the MAPS matrix?

For a list of measured m/z-values (< 250 m/z) and correlating metabolites see the following link: Measured metabolites

What kind of calibration are you developing?

We are developing a calibration system, which includes several calibrations, such as mass calibration, quantification and lateral calibration.
For mass calibration we use phosphorus clusters, which are easily formed from red phosphorus by laser desorption ionization. Red phosphorus is ideal for calibration because it is monoisotopic, the clusters are singly charged, and a range of up to approximately m/z 3000 can be covered.

What is required for the operation of the diving device?

You need a fume hood with a small space of 15 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm, a waste container and a power connection nearby.

How long does a matrix deposition take with the dipping apparatus?

On average the matrix application takes about 5 minutes (depending on the solvent). This time includes both the application of the matrix and the time needed to clean the MSI-360.

08 December 2019

Accepted Application Note.

Immersion by rotation-based application of the matrix for fast and reproducible sample preparations and robust results in mass spectrometry imaging.

28-31 October 2019

Meet MSI Diagnostics at the OurCon VII Conference.

Saint-Malo, 28-31 October 2019.
We look forward to meeting you at the 7th edition of the OurCon conference dedicated to MS imaging.

05 April 2019

Meet MSI Diagnostics at the Hannover Messe.

Hannover, 05 April 2019.
We are pleased to welcoming you at the Startup stand of the Region OstWestfalenLippe.

Feel free to contact us in case you have questions, need advice, or recommendations for the right settings of your dipping apparatus MSI-360.
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